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I love Solarized color scheme. I use it everywhere I code.

Today, I wanted to customize the blog engine powering this Pensieve to also apply a Solarized color scheme when syntax highlighting a code block.

Code sample:

require 'active_record'

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
  establish_connection :adapter => 'sqlite3', :database => 'foobar.db'
  connection.create_table table_name, :force => true do |t|
    t.string :name

bob = Person.create!(:name => 'bob')
puts Person.all.inspect
puts Person.all.inspect

Here’s what I did to make this happen.

  1. Locate the current Jekyll theme’s css folder, and copy over assets/css/main.scss file from there.

     % mkdir -p assets/css
     % bundle show minimal-mistakes-jekyll | xargs -I {} \
         cp {}/assets/css/main.scss ./assets/css/main.scss
  2. Edit the copy and add the color overrides before any of the import statements there.

     @charset "utf-8";
     /*--- theme customizations ---*/
     // ... (color setup with solarized naming scheme)
     /* NOTE: minimal-mistakes uses roughly the following color assignments for
     *       syntax highlighting in code blocks:
     *       (see: _sass/minimal-mistakes/_syntax.scss)
     * $base00: (highlight background)
     * $base01: (unused)
     * $base02: (unused)
     * $base03: (unused)
     * $base04: comment, doc, (line numbers)
     * $base05: name, punctuation, builtin, entity, label, property, (highlight)
     * $base06: background
     * $base07: (unused)
     * $base08: error, exception, generic, constant, variable
     * $base09: literal, number
     * $base0a: type, class, namespace
     * $base0b: date, string, regex, symbol
     * $base0c: operator, namespace, decorator, tag
     * $base0d: attribute, function
     * $base0e: keyword
     * $base0f: (unused)
     // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
     // Considering all that, the Minimal Mistakes color scheme for
     // DARK solarized is:
     $base00: $-base02;  // background highlights
     $base01: $-base2;   // -
     $base02: $-base1;   // optional emphasized content
     $base03: $-base0;   // primary content
     $base04: $-base01;  // comments / secondary content
     $base05: $-base1;   // optional emphasized content
     $base06: $-base03;  // background
     $base07: $-base02;  // background highlights
     $base08: $-red;
     $base09: $-orange;
     $base0a: $-yellow;
     $base0b: $-green;
     $base0c: $-cyan;
     $base0d: $-blue;
     $base0e: $-violet;
     $base0f: $-magenta;
     // Note: To switch to LIGHT mode, all we need to do is to flip the $-baseXX
     //       leading zeroes.
     /*--- end theme customizations ---*/
     @import "minimal-mistakes/skins/air"; // skin
     @import "minimal-mistakes"; // main partials

    The full file: pensieve/assets/css/_solarized.scss.

Research notes

Solarized color scheme chart